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Ready to Up-level Your Life? The Balance Blueprint: A Transformational Experience The Balance Blueprint: A Transformational Experience for Leaders Seeking Balance

The Balance Blueprint: A Transformational Experience for Leaders Seeking Balance

Do you want to:

  • Quit living in chronic self-doubt or anxiety
  • Get out of your head and into living your life
  • Stop stressing and start thriving
  • Spend your time doing what you love with the people you love
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your choices
  • Get off the hamster wheel of chronic overwhelm and constant trailblazing
  • Quit feeling like you're not good enough
  • Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you
  • No longer have to hustle for your own worth!

Do you feel like:

  • You should do more, be better and give more, all the time- even though you're exhausted and have given so much of yourself and your time already...
  • There's always another goal to reach, thing to do, or person to please, and it's just never going to end- you'll never catch a break...
  • You have to choose between stressing or settling in life...
  • You're living as a shell of yourself- a shell of who you know you are on the inside- a shell of who you know you were meant to be in this world...
  • You care too much, you worry too much, you are too much...
  • You're stuck...

Then it's time to:

  • Get clear on exactly what life changes you desire
  • Take intentional action
  • Access meaningful support 
  • BELIEVE that different is possible
  • Call out the BS
  • Lean in and feel the feels
  • Step up and Commit yourself to your life transformation (we all know nothing changes if nothing changes)

Burn Out to Balance is a powerful and intensely supportive coaching program designed specifically for hard-working, hard-loving folks who are ready to quit being so hard on themselves, so they can stop with the chronic burn out and begin living a life with balance and joy!

Here's what you'll gain access to when you join:

Individual Coaching Sessions

I only invite people into my program that I know I can help, so, in addition to the FREE discovery call, where we will get clear on what balance you're looking for, what the barriers are and what will help, you'll also get:

An individualized blueprint session to further develop and gain clarity around your personal goals and how to achieve them...

A mid-point coaching session specifically for you, to clear out any blocks, explore new discoveries, and reinforce progress...

A sustainability call, to help you clap out with a BANG- we'll focus on how you can sustain the progress and transformation you've made!

Individualized Coaching

Specialized and personalized, on-going coaching sessions to guide you and check in for accountability, blocks, questions, or whatever else may come up that I can support you with!

Self-Paced Content

Access to the members area where invaluable content is posted and updated on an on-going basis, to ensure that it's of the highest quality for serving your needs.

24/7 Support Access

Anytime you get stuck and you can't get unblocked, you can submit a message to me, and hear back within 1-2 business days. If needed, we will schedule a quick spot-coaching session.

Spot-coaching sessions

Not sure how to proceed? Have an issue between coaching calls? No problem- reach out to schedule a quick spot-coaching session to work it out.

This IS for you if:

  • You're ready to dive in and make the investments needed for the life transformation you've been hoping for.
  • Care about your relationships deeply, and want to feel more connected and engaged with your loved ones.
  • Are open to try something different- so you can experience something different.
  • Are willing to show up coachable, resourceful, accountable and committed.
  • BELIEVE that more is possible for you!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're not yet ready to commit to making changes
  • You're not serious about honoring your personal values and purpose
  • You're "dabbling" in a bunch of opportunities, and don't want to fully embrace the intensity of a life transformative program
  • You're not open to other perspectives, growth ventures or learning opportunities
  • You're looking for a "bandaid" or "quick fix"

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Lesson Activity

After you check out my video, if you are ready to book your free connection call, you can do that by clicking here.

I encourage you to remind yourself daily of what a gift you are to this world, and how much better of a place the world is when we all use our gifts to help one another.

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The Balance Blueprint: A Transformational Experience

A completely unique and transformational coaching experience all wrapped up into one premium program. Want to Discuss working together?

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