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Ready to Up-level Your Life? Therapy or Coaching?

Therapy or Coaching?

Therapy and Coaching are both great! 

I not only maintain a business for each of these services, but I've experienced each of them on the receiving end as well. I gained so much from the experiences. Regardless of which you choose, it is the relationship with the coach or therapist, that matters the most. Above all else, goodness of fit between the person you're trusting to work with, is essential.

Here, I will share some key differences between coaching and therapy, so that you are more informed throughout your decision making process.


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So, what do you think?

Does the action-oriented, time-specified, wrap around support available through my direct coaching experiences call to you?

Or, are you more drawn to the deeper processing and exclusivity of in-session support that psychotherapy offers?

You can schedule a free call with me to chat further about how and if I can support you: here's your scheduling link.

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Therapy or Coaching?

As a therapist and a coach, I‘m often asked the difference between the two. Here, I answer that question with the key differences between coaching and therapy.

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