From A Mental Health Worker & Mom of 2:

"Dr. Toni is thoughtful & knowledgeable with lots of experience... she is passionate. Passion is something that can't be learned..its either you have it, or you don't. Dr. Toni recently helped me through a tough time in my life; with her help I was able to QUICKLY process my thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner. Thank you so much for allowing me to clear my mind & get back to living a happy life."

Business Presentation Review:

"Our company had Toni come in during the height of COVID to help our team keep a steady and healthy work/life balance during our transition to remote work under the stay-at-home orders. Toni helped us to focus on the things we CAN control and not to dwell on the things that we CAN'T control. We also talked about creating daily time for YOU and to find something in your routine that brings you joy and gratefulness and grab onto it! We have now been working at home for over 3 months still with high productivity and high morale - and I believe the tactics and easy-to-understand practical steps shared by Toni in her presentation have been a major contributor to our work-from-home success."

A First Week Review for Dr. Toni's Signature Coaching Program, The Balance Blueprint™:

"...already a life-enhancing experience! I feel so much joy after completing each module this week as these tools are helping me feel connected to myself again. I’m amazed that after the first week I have raised my awareness of my life experiences that have led me to this point, enabling me to cultivate more self-compassion." 

From A Special Education Teacher:

"My first 90-minute video chat with Dr. Toni Warner helped me identify specific areas of my life I want to improve, potential barriers, and tools to shift my mindset to a more positive one. I feel motivated to continue on this journey and am very excited to break old habits and embrace what I truly want my life to look like. I have already noticed positive, intentional shifts in my mindset and schedule that make me feel more energized! I cannot wait to further explore the coming modules and continue transforming my life for the better. I am beyond grateful for this program!"

After 8 Weeks in the Balance Blueprint™ Course:

"[I]... can proudly say that I feel significant, positive shifts in myself! Before the program I felt exhausted by adulting, stressed at my job which carried over to my home life, disconnected with my relationships, and very critical and negative towards myself on top of all of it... [The Balance Blueprint™] program helped me to deeply explore my thoughts and feelings, relationships, core values, schedules, organization, time management, and boundaries. Now in Module 8, I feel more loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving of myself and others. I have a renewed sense of dedication to creating my ideal life, following through with my plans, decreasing my stress levels, and establishing boundaries at work, home, and in my relationships. Because my life now aligns with my values, I am more intentional about my time, leading me to feel more fulfilled every day."

From a Heart-Centered Leader, Woman and Former Client:

"Dr. Toni Warner offers a variety of resources and on-going support through weekly calls and emails. Dr. Toni Warner’s genuineness and power of articulation have enabled me to embrace myself, my gifts, and my thoughts/feelings instead of ignoring them. I am more proactive and productive at home and work. And most importantly, I feel a stronger sense of self-love which I didn’t even recognize I needed in the first place. 

There are so many incredible activities, videos, and resources in this program that work cohesively to make you feel connected to yourself again. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is overwhelmed with responsibilities, struggling with living the life you desire, feeling negative and discouraged about your current work/home balance, or feeling disconnected. If you open your mind and heart to pursue change, you will experience an empowering transformation!"

From an Entrepreneur & Mom of 2:

"She gently guided me to prioritizing my mental health as a visible entrepreneur, allowing me space to work through BIG fears WHILE growing and moving forward. 

Her knowledge and expertise both in coaching and psychology is invaluable and she can get you 10 steps ahead in your life in order to show up with presence in your family and your business."

Some Presentation Participant Reviews:

"Wonderful speaker last night!"

"It actually surprised me at how relevant the subject was and how it seemed as if Toni knew the exact place I am stuck in!"

"Great content and synthesis, very personable... giving gold..."

"... I’ve learn to be less stressed and able to just cut off my day at 5pm and just handle family time. And then starting all over the next day more focused and rested. Now my business is starting to show promise and I’ve learn to be less stressful."

From A Fellow Wellness Professional:

"As the founder of The Wellness Universe, I have the pleasure to work with some of the most wonderful practitioners and supporters of transformation and well-being.

A few words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Toni: confident, knowledgeable, kind and effective.

Since my first conversation with Dr. Toni it was clear she is a leader in her field! She helps busy professionals and leaders create meaningful balance through her coaching, workshops and coaching program. Her confidence and ability to deliver just what is needed for either a client, group or audience is simply 5-star.

I have reached out to work with her for several opportunities including recommending her directly to highly influential summits and conferences when asked for someone with her expertise. I can count on Dr. Toni, she always delivers.

The reward: When I hear back from those who I have recommended her to:"Dr. Toni is AMAZING!" Real heart-centered support. Real tools. Real support that changes lives. I look forward to working with her again and again. I HIGHLY recommend. ~ Anna Pereira

PS - A few more words to describe her: Professional, polished, reliable, great presenter, excellent listener, detail oriented and big picture thinker, ... I can go on and on! :)"

These testimonials speak for themselves, don't you think ?

If you'd like to be the next, to be able to provide a stellar testimonial because of the transformation you experience, I'd be glad to hop on the phone to discuss if we are a good fit for working together.

You can schedule a coaching session here.


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Dr. Toni offers a wide array of experience, having worked with a variety of people (such as families, leaders, business owners, parents, teachers, etc) and in a variety of settings (like hospital, community, school districts, and entrepreneurial work) in her 10+ years of human service work.

She's also trained in a variety of human behavior and psychology techniques, experienced with multiple methodologies and has learned how to intricately combine the essential core principles of these into a powerful force for guiding support of herself and her clients.

However, no need to take our word for it- here are a few client reviews for added perspective.

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